Friday, October 5, 2007

Dear Ones,
The adventure begins! After spending 24 hours in LA with my brother and his wife and my delightful 7 year-old niece, I am off for the airport and a FOURTEEN HOUR flight to Tokyo. That seems like a long time to hang in the air, but I'm trusting the Lord for everything else on this trip so that's going to have to be His problem as well. Actually, it's not the hanging part that worries me as much as the possibility of catapulting to earth in a flaming ball of fire...
There I will hop (or most likely stagger) onto another short flight to Bangkok arriving at 11:30 pm on the 6th. Jay has graciously upgraded me to "business class" which I hear is much more comfortable than coach. I appreciate him making sure I am as comfortable as possible on such a long flight.
Well, my friends, I am as excited as I've ever been! A little apprehensive possibly, but being stretched into new areas of faith and trust and that's pretty exciting stuff!
There aren't words to express my appreciation for your faithful prayers. This is a joint effort. I am the one going, but God will be able to accomplish His purposes as your prayers move His hands.
I will write again after I arrive and am settled. Thanks again for your interest, support and prayers!
In Christ, Catherine


Glenna said...

Catherine, I am thinking of you and praying for you and for all those God places in your path! I miss you!

Denise said...

Wow! Long flight! Probably a good thing you're not gonna have to redo that until the end of the month.

The blog's pretty neat! Can't wait to hear all the amazing things God's got planned!

joan said...

HI! We just got back from Lawton, and the graduation was quite a milestone.
So thrilled to hear how the Lord is amazing you with His love! I'm excited to hear more, and continue to pray for you. I'll be reading!