Friday, May 1, 2009


Dear Faithful Readers,
I am delighted to announce the birth of "Rhyme and Reason Ministries International," a non-profit ministry dedicated to the purchase and distribution of a large number of books in "The Rhyme and Reason Series" through book signings, speaking engagements and other venues. This is in addition to what the bookstores will carry and sell. All profits from non-bookstore sales will go back into the ministy to produce the next two and then the next two and so on. We have visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads, as well as coloring books, CDs and short "Veggie Tale" style videos and whatever other creative means the Lord speaks to our hearts to do for His Kingdom and glory.
The entire goal of the ministry is to create a love for the Word of God in a fun and easy to understand format. I tell people to think of it as "Dr. Suess meets the Bible!"
The theme, scope, stories and heart of the Father in each book is revealed in rhyming couplets which takes the reader from the first chapter through the last.
For example, Genesis starts with creation and moves through the chronology and events of the book ending with Joseph bringing his father and brothers to Egypt to live with him and survive the famine plaguing the land.
The plan is to market one Old Testament book with its New Testament cousin. Genesis and Matthew, both books of beginnings, will come out together. Exodus and Acts, both books of going out, will be paired, and since you can't really understand the significance of Hebrews without Leviticus, or enjoy Leviticus without Hebrews, they will come out together. And so on, for as long as that coupling is feasible. I am hoping for somewhere between 25 and 30 books before the series is completed. So pray the Lord will grant me a long life!
So far as I know, there is nothing else like this on the market. Again, the hope and prayer of my heart is that young children (and adults!) will grasp the love of God in the content of each book well enough that they won't be too intimidated to pick up an actual Bible and read it for themselves, as many confess they are.
God promises that His Word does not return to Him void. He is in the business of drawing people to Himself and it is my fervent prayer that He will take this idea that came from His heart and use this series to accomplish His Kingdom purposes which are "above and beyond anything I could ask or think."
There is no power on earth that is greater than prayer, and no greater means through which the Spirit operates. Knowing this, I would ask you to pray and continue praying that God's perfect will be accomplished and that these books will impact untold lives for generations to come! That seems like a huge prayer to me, but we serve an infinite, creative, powerful God who longs to set captives free! I pray this will be one tool for accomplishing that purpose.
The goal is to "get the books in people's hands so people's hands pick up The Book!"