Thursday, October 18, 2007


Good morning! At least it's a good morning in Bangkok! I don't have much time to write as the taxi is due to arrive soon, but wanted to give a quick update.
I spoke at the YWAM staff meeting yesterday afternoon and gave a message warning against grumbling and complaining based on Numbers 11. It was not the message I wanted to give--I had a couple of others I put together before coming that would have been a lot more fun! But every time I prayed about it, the Lord was quite clear I was to give that one. Like my friend Vicki said, it was akin to pastors preaching about tithing. Not a message they like to give necessarily, but one that helps us walk in obedience to the things of God. I told them if it wasn't a message of correction for them, and I hoped it wasn't, to receive it as a word of warning. I am utterly convinced that we have a spiritual responsibility to constantly submit ourselves to the Lord for correction, for guidance in the necessary housecleaning and instruction in greater obedience. If not, we are in danger of squelching the Spirit and rendering our witness ineffective. It is crucial for all of us, of course, but perhaps all the more so for those who have given their lives to be on the mission field. What good does it do to give yourself to His service if there are attitudes which prevent us from being useful to him?
There was such a sweet spirit in the room and the worship was so effortless and sincere I kept questioning the Lord's leading as to the message. Sam introduced me, though I've got to tell him to quit referring to me as their "old" friend (!) and did the translating for me. When I was finished Sam concluded by encouraging everyone to receive the message and lay it before the Lord to see what the Lord intended for them to receive. I was surprised to get quite a bit of positive feedback afterward, so felt reassured that I had heard from the Lord and been obedient to His leading. That always feels good!
We ate dinner and went to the airport to meet Jay's flight. We were milling around near the concourse entrance waiting for him to walk through. P & S asked me what he looked like and I was rather stumped as to how to describe him! The most unlikely men were walking through the gate and they kept asking "is that him?" I assured them I would recognize him when I saw him. For some reason I glanced over at Sam who was looking behind my back so I turned my head and Jay was standing right behind me! I nearly jumped out of my skin! He'd come out of a different gate and seen us standing there looking for him. It was SO good to see him! I'm really glad he is here and am looking forward to our time together.
He'd been up since 4:00 Wednesday morning so we went to bed shortly after we got back to the house. P & S talked with their daughter Rachel who is in Iraq, and she seems to be doing well and getting settled into her new environment. I'm sure it was comforting for them to hear her voice.
Jay and I are going to go to the "Grand Palace" in just a bit then do some other sightseeing before meeting P & S and another couple on top of the tallest building in Bangkok where we will eat dinner and look out over this massive, sprawling city. We will leave for Phi Phi Island on Monday and will spend three days and two nights there enjoying the beach and snorkeling in the clear, sparkling water before Jay leaves for home.
There are Internet cafes everywhere here so I assume I will be able to maintain the blog writings while we are there.
I have heard reports from several of you about the high winds the other night and the folks who were injured at Octoberfest as well as the heartbreaking news regarding the ORU scandal. Thank you for keeping me updated about all that's going on.
That's about it for now. As always, I thank you for your prayers!


Betsy said...

I "ditto" Denise about your talk at YWAM headquarters. I trust you to be a sheep that hears your Shepherd's voice. I also "ditto" the way you framed the message to them...if it's not happening now, this may be prophetic concerning a new wave of attack from the evil one. Prepare! Words have power. I also so appreciated your humility concerning our need for evaluation and correction. The winds and currents of life will try to blow and drag us off course, and we can be a strong guide for one another to "stay the course." It's not so much about performance, as the fight of faith. Whew! Soooo glad Jay arrived safely. I'll be praying for a wonderful trip to cherrish in your memory banks. Lars and Jenn flew to Hawaii yesterday for a 5th anniversary get-a-way. We're all so excited for them and will have a "family dinner" next Sunday after church to hear about it. They won't be home in time for Rylan Victoria's baby shower (Len & Shelley's baby...You're invitation is at your home. We'll miss your presence!), but we are so glad for this opportunity for them. Lots of clean up around the city today. We lost two huge trees here at our condo in the storm. They reported 85 mph winds here night before last. I wasn't able to get on line last night, but it's almost like last night as I began reading this at 3:?? this morning. I'll get back to "Evenings with Catherine" tonight. Praying for you and Jay. Love, Bets

Denise said...

I'm sure it was exactly what they needed to hear at the exact time they needed to hear it, for whatever reason. Once more you have proved yourself faithful and TRUSTWORTHY to the Lord. You had things you would have preferred to speak about, I'm sure they were godly messages as well, but in giving GOD'S MESSAGE you should Him that you are about His agenda, not yours. If we are faithful over little, He will make us faithful over much.
Isn't it exciting to look back over an area of testing and proving and say "Whew! Passed that one!" ?
Glad Jay got there safely. Sounds like an idyllic vacation. Will you ever want to come home? Well, I guess since you're kids are'll have to tear yourself away.
The island you're off it pronounce 'Fi Fi' like the name of a French poodle, or 'pee pee' like "Mommy, I gotta go....", or 'Fie Fie' like "Fee, fie, foe, fum..." ? Just wondering.......
Love ya!

Denise said...

Please excuse the typos in my post as I didn't take time to proof it.....