Saturday, July 11, 2009

A blog a day....

I have heard more than once recently that if you blog regularly you will raise your status in the various search engines. Apparently people who keep track of such things take notice of websites and blogs that have a lot of content.
So, in conjunction with my ongoing efforts to increase my speaking opportunites and do my part to stir the market for the release of "The Rhyme and Reason Series: Genesis" I am going to make the determinded effort to blog every day.
I have good intentions--I always have good intentions--but now I have sufficient motivation. We will see if that encourages me to be disciplined and consistent. Even at my most optomistic I would say it's a highly doubtful goal since self-discipline and consistency are continuous areas of growth for me, but maybe I will at least be more regular. It really doesn't matter if anyone reads the blog, which makes it seem a little silly if I end up only writing to myself, but I will make every effort to post something at least moderately interesting and thought provoking just in case any one decides to read it. I know several of you are faithful readers, and hopefully that number will grow as the previously stated objective is reached.
Naturally, I will also be using this forum to announce the progress of the series and any upcoming interviews or articles pertaining to the books.
To that end, I had an eventful Thursday! I drove to OKC and met with Shirley Mears, Director of Marketing and Outreach for "The Gospel Stations Network" and recorded an interview. It will be edited into three, three minute segments and each segment will air three times during the same week. Apparently they like that number.
I will have the electronic files to post on my website or send to people as a promotional piece and they will be kept in the station archives as well.
Afterward I met with a wonderful woman named Cyndy who is now my secondary publicist. The primary publicist will be Kerry Dierking of Evergreen Press, but it is going to be highly beneficial to have two since Cyndy has connections Kerry doesn't and vise versa. She was a mover and shaker in Hollywood before she left her high profile life and moved back to Oklahoma to be near her four grown daughters and all of her grandchildren.
That fact alone spoke volumes about her heart and her priorities and I knew I wanted her to help me promote both the books and my speaking schedule.
Fortunately for me, she agreed, and is very excited to be part of the adventure "from the very beginning" and I am thrilled to have someone of her caliber and ability on the team.
She gave me the contact information for a woman at "The Daily Oklahoman" who is excited to do the first feature article about the books. I called her and we have a meeting set up for the second week in August.
That made me think of Bill Sherman who writes for "The Tulsa World" and spoke for "The Fellowship of Christian Writers" while I was the chairman of the group. I called him and learned he is on vacation but expect him to return my call when he gets back.
And so, my faithful readers, that's it for today. God is moving, the books are going to press at the end of the month and there is finally an air of excitement to this journey!
I am SO glad you are taking it with me because it's no fun to travel by yourself!

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Anonymous said...

I'm praying, and the blog will keep you and the book schedule/events to the forefront of our hearts/minds.